About me

I’m a twentysomething half English half French (with some Italian in the mix) girl, or woman if you so wish (always makes me feel very old and mature saying that). A fledgling locavore*, real bread obsessive and interested in all things ethical and sustainable.

When I say obsessed with bread, I mean this in the truest sense-so expect many a bread related rant or so. I guess the obsession came into being during my year abroad when I endeavoured to visit every single bakery in Bordeaux; and sample their whole baguette range. Call it my year abroad quest, makes me feel like an adventurer or something…

Anyhow, the aim of this blog is to function as a platform for all my observations, comments and findings on ethical, green, sustainable, fairtrade and eco living in Japan. My little project fostered during my time in this fascinating, magical and crazy country of Japan and now a little hub for my thoughts, observations and research on ethical and green issues on and in Japan.

Please check out my new blog on ethical and green topics in Brussels (where I can currently be found) and other and other eco-ponderings on the European continent at Ethical Waffle.

You will notice I have a tendency to ramble, bear with me, trundle through my waffle and you’ll be sure to find some wonderful nuggets of information and tantalising titbits.

And please spread the word about my blog, regularly visit, post comments, email me and follow my occasional tweets!

*A term I derived from the absolutely fantastic ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ by Barbara Kingsolver following a life in the year of her family attempting to live locally and seasonally, accompanied by incredibly interesting insights and perspectives on the modern agricultural and food industry.

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